Selected Products

All products are easy to apply.  Coated materials are easy to clean and maintain, reducing your maintenance costs over time.  We have 16 specific coatings for a variety of applications.  Below are selected nanomaterials highlighted for aerospace and aviation.


airplaneFormulated for your high asset aluminum alloys and metals that are subjected to challenging operational conditions, Avion is a clear, hydrophobic nanocoating that is wear resistant, durable, hard, and dries to a finished thickness of less than 20 microns, adding almost no weight or additional surface roughness to your underlying material. It is easy to apply, economical, and provides excellent protection against fuel combustion soot, brake dust accumulation, weather, UV and chemical attack.  The preferred use is for aircraft exterior surfaces .

  • Avion forms a barrier layer that bonds chemically with the substrate and cures at room temperature with atmospheric humidity.
  • This coating has been extensively weathered to ASTM 154-06 cycle for 2000 hours without crazing, yellowing or losing hydrophobic properties.
  • Our coating solution has been fully Boeing safety tested.
  • Applicable to non-porous painted surfaces, GRP, aluminum.

E-C Metal


ECMetalOverCopper E-C Metal coating copper (dry thickness 10 microns)

E-C Metal provides high performance, long-term protection, proven durability, and maintains a perfect metal finish under the most challenging environments.

E-C Metal has been formulated to provide a protective hydrophobic coating that is resistant to degradation by Pollution, Corrosion, Salt Water, Abrasion, Alkali and Acid Chemical attacks. Thus, your underlying material will perform as specified for a much greater duration of time and will require less costly and less frequent maintenance, repair and overhaul.

E-C Metal protects a wide range of solid metal and plated materials. The coating is easy to apply and protection persists under the harshest of environments. Appropriate substrates include chrome, aluminum, brass, stainless steel (medical grade and other), zinc and other unfinished metals.  Coated metals are easy to clean and remain so for years depending on the environmental assault.

E-C Metal has been successfully tested in accordance with ASTM G154-06. This Q- UV test equipment has deemed the product to be 100% effective from 0-3000 hours which equates to 2 years natural weathering.

Alpha Protector   

stadiumThis coating has excellent durability and can last up to 10 years depending upon use or environment. Long-lasting coating for Metals, Lacquered and Powder-coated surfaces, GRP and Plastics.

  • Applications include zinc, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, varnished and powder-coated materials, oil production equipment, steel fabrication, stadium seating, marine composites.
  • Enhances surfaces and protects from Organic solvents and UV light, and is resistant to Seawater and Salt air.
  • Alpha Protector coating has excellent durability depending upon use and/or environment. Test Certification and Warranty validation are in European Weather Conditions.

E-C Paint

fullplaneDesigned as a topcoat, this unique high performance long-lasting nanocoating has been designed to protect and maintain a perfect paint finish with proven durability in the toughest environments.

  • Hydrophobic, easy to apply and clean.
  • Resistant to Pollution, Corrosion, Salt Water Abrasion, Alkali and Acid Chemical attack.
  • Applicable to Trains, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Trucks, Car, Boats, Bikes.

E-C Paint has been successfully tested in accordance with ASTM G154-06. This Q-UV test equipment has deemed the product to be 100% effective from 0-2500 hours which equates to 2.5 years of Florida sun, humidity and rainfall.

E-C Solar

solarpanel_closeOur hydrophobic coating helps keep the solar panel surface clean with each rain event or condensation “runoff”. Water droplets carry dirt, pollen, and other abrasive particulates that settle on the panel surface over time. The coating surface is so uniform and smooth that even air currents help remove the particulates that block solar irradiation onto the panel surface.  Our coating thus improves output and saves maintenance costs.

E-C Solar creates a high performance, long-lasting protective coating that helps to reduce ongoing cleaning costs and improves output by keeping surfaces free of light-blocking debris.

E-C Glass  

Glass-dropletsLong-lasting, non-stick, self-cleaning invisible polyceramic nanocoating suitable for all forms of glass surfaces as well as ceramic materials. It is designed for protection in harsh environments.

  • Water and dirt repellent, resistant to Sea water and Salt air, protects from Abrasive grit, reduces maintenance costs and frequency.
  • Application to Polymers, Helmet visors, Ceramics and Enamel, Ceramic bathtubs, Shower trays, Wiperless windshield, Anti-soiling, Prevention of dirt, UV resistant coating, Sanitary ware, Shower doors, Greenhouses, Sinks

Please review our application methods for protection of glass.