About Us

With sixteen formulations for different types of materials, we strive to provide the best nanoscience products to protect your assets from nearly any environmental or operational challenge that can cause deterioration and the need for costly maintenance and repair. Our product line has earned recognition from global companies, leading to an award from the Institute for Sustainability. Our diverse formulations provide a hydrophobic, easy-to-clean and low maintenance coating for most materials that is unrivalled anywhere in the world.


These revolutionary solutions have been formulated and manufactured to be used in a broad range of industries including Aviation, Automotive, Marine, Renewable energy, Construction, Food processing, Healthcare, and Manufacturing.

Our nanotechnology will greatly benefit asset owners by reducing maintenance costs
and lowering their carbon footprint, while keeping their assets in service and looking new for far longer.

We believe strongly in continually testing our solutions in the harshest conditions to ensure reliable performance in extreme environments.

We are one of a growing Global network of distributors and application partners who support the delivery of proprietary nanosolutions which allows us to operate in any market.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our nano coating solutions.