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At US Nanosolutions, we focus on performance, durability and your return on investment. Our suite of thin-coat nanomaterials can protect nearly any non-porous surface from environmental or operational degradation with respect to corrosion, fouling or abrasion by debris, salt, water and UV damage.  Coated materials are easy to clean and remain clean for longer periods of time.  Prolonged performance and reduced maintenance are our goals for your bottom line.  All solutions come ready-to-use, right from the bottle.

GOOD NEWS!!!  US Nanosolutions recently received a matching grant from the New Hampshire Innovation Research Center to explore changes in air flow over an airfoil after coating with our products.  We have partnered with the University of New Hampshire’s faculty whose expertise in fluid dynamics and access to state-of-the-art facilities and sensors will provide insight into turbulence changes with treatment.  We’ll update you regarding these important results as they are collected and interpreted.  

Thank you to all who previously viewed our products at the Japan International Aerospace Exhibition in Tokyo and at the Farnborough International Airshow.   We missed engaging with you at these and similar venues during this time of pandemic restrictions on travel and engagement.  We continue to respond to your needs and to innovate the development of new coatings and applications.  We look forward to launching these products in the near future.  Please continue to reach out to us with your desired capabilities and requirements.